Farewell Pride Poem By DJnkulzin as Poetry Devotion

Farewell Pride
Pride is the prison for the famous and fame
Pride is indeed a priority to those who are fooled by it
Pride is powerful tool to fight against promotion and success
Pride can pretend to be making us presidents but in reality it pounds us unto dust
Pride inhales our potential and strengths so we suffer and suffocate
Once we have this pride we will never be proud

Pride rides us and sometimes drives us to be who we are not
Pride converts challenges unto problems
Pride explores and brings into action our abilities without minimizing any risks
And we indeed explode

Pride earns us attention from the crowds
However it turns us to men who stand for nothing and fall for nothing
Pride makes us play hide and seek,
Of which we hide from success and seek for the success we have never worked for
Pride gives birth to failures
We can see pride as RedBull™, which gives us wings
But we’ll never fly

Pride pays back rejection and deception
While we were expecting compilation and appreciation
The pride I am talking on subject of, is not of humility
But of egotism and selfishness
In order for us to progress in life and be proud
We need to let go of our egotism pride

Compiled and written by: Nkululeko Makhoba (DJnkulzin)
Sign: DJnkulzin