Lil Wayne - Dedication 5 Album Review

Artist: Lil Wayne (LilTuneChi)

Album: Dedication 5

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Released: September 1, 2013

Year Recorded: 2013

Label: Young Money

Lil Wayne’s series of Dedication mixtapes with DJ Drama has marked some important moments in Wayne’s creative life. The Dedication, released in 2005, was an important early indicator that Wayne was maturing into a furious rapper, and 2006′s Dedication 2 is one of the best things Wayne has ever done. (Dedication 3 and Dedication 4 are also things that happened.) Over the holiday weekend, Wayne returned with Dedication 5, a messy but energetic pileup of original songs, giggly interludes, and freestyles. The tape features contributions from the Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, T.I., 2 Chainz, Birdman, and the usual rotating cast of Young Money understudies. Wayne, more engaged than he sometimes has been lately, hijacks songs from people like Future, Rich Homie Quan, Kanye West, and the notably absent Drake. It has 29 tracks, which is almost certainly too many tracks. Download the whole tape for free here.

Lil Wayne does things at his own speed – Tha Carter IV for example, was released almost four months after its original release date — so fans had a right to be suspicious that his latest mixtape, Dedication 5, would actually drop on Aug. 30 at 5 p.m. ET as scheduled. And their suspicions were confirmed!

Lil Wayne Delays ‘Dedication 5′ Release

An hour before the tape was set to come out, Wayne’s collaborator Mack Maine tweeted that there would be a delay: “Delayed for a few hours not days and weeks,” he said.
Lil Wayne’s camp then released an official statement, explaining why the release got pushed back. Apparently, Weezy decided last-minute that D5 was not as perfect as possible:
The release of Dedication 5 has been temporarily postponed for a short period while Wayne puts finishing touches on it – including another new song. Stay tuned for an update.
Before Wayne hit the stage for a concert in Concord, Calif., he too assured fans that they wouldn’t have to wait too much longer, tweeting, “I’m turning d5 in to drama when I get off stage. Had a few new entries at the last minute that’s too dope to miss da tape gimme a min.”
For the most part, Wayne stuck to his word and about 12 hours after the concert he tweeted again, saying that DJ Drama officially had the tape for mastering: “It’s being sent to drama now. It’s officially left my possession!! I hope y’all luv dat b!t>h. D5! It’s for y’all. As always.”

Lil Wayne: When Will ‘Dedication 5′ Actually Come Out?

So when will we actually hear D5? No one can be sure — it all depends on how quickly it takes DJ Drama to master the tracks. As of now, no new official date and/or time has been released.

This is about par for the course for Lil Wayne. This whole charade can get a bit aggravating but to his credit, now we want to hear D5 even more!

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SCORE: 6/10