A Story From A Friend

"I used to think God was punishing us 'me and my siblings', when our mother retired at work... I was 9, my sister was 19 and my brother was 12. Yes we were not rich but things were better, our mother was working, living a better life. We went from there to the bottom, our relatives neglected us, I was young but wasn't too young to realise things weren't the same! We went to stay in a house made of mud, a two room house (indlu yodaka). It was tough, to eat once a day, and hope that your friend will share his lunch with you. 

I used to cry a lot, and wonder what did we do to deserve this. I'm not perfect, but nobody deserves to eat a tin of fish and beans everyday, we only ate meat when my 19 year sister got paid, used to eat potato curry.

It's even hard writing this, but let me continue... Upon that struggle in life, 'angiphelanga mandla', I studied hard, never failed a grade. I knew where I was coming from and knew very well where I was heading, I am heading to success! Now we even got a spare room in a house that God blessed us with. I never give up on him, for everything that I have now is because of Him. Now you know why I say I'm a survivor, cause I've been through a lot.
It hurts me to see someone with a home and a family giving up in life. I won't stop preaching until people that are my friends see life the way I do.
My name is Sihle Sam Shezi, well known as Sam; I'm that type of guy who isn't ashamed of where I come from."

Story as told by Sihle Shezi aka Sam